Tools – Depression

What to Do When You Are Getting Depressed

These are simple ways to help yourself alleviate symptoms while you are waiting for other help, or to try and keep things on an even keel. They may not solve the underlying problem, but they will provide some relief. Post them where you can refer to them when needed.

Get help while you still can — the longer you wait, the harder it gets. Depression is very dangerous. Medications may take from 4-6 weeks to work.

Use cognitive therapy techniques to get you out of negative thought patterns.

Remember — depression passes. Focus on living one day at a time.

Get emotional support from a family member, friend, or mental health professional. Get involved in a fun activity with someone you enjoy. Cuddle with your mate. Spend some time with your pet.

Talk to understanding, non-judgemental people for as long as you need to talk. It needs to be okay to talk about anything and to be emotional.

Listen to or help someone else.

Use whatever spiritual resources you are comfortable calling on.

Get some exercise — whatever you can muster — stroll, walk, run, bike, swim, etc.

Get out in the sunlight as much as possible. If you must be inside, sit or work near a window.

Use full spectrum lighting indoors. Avoid areas lit with conventional fluorescent lighting.

Eliminate sugar, caffeine, and junk food from your diet. Eat three healthy meals a day.

Buy yourself something you have been wanting and would enjoy.

Read a funny book or light book or watch a funny video. Listen to music that you enjoy.

Get dressed, wearing something you enjoy.

Take a long, slow, hot bath.

This list can be modified to meet your personal need.