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  1. carolina gutierrez

    My family has a gene that has affected some of the members over many generations. The family in Mexico is said to have been poisoned while they were smoking marijuana and young ones are not allowed around those family members, alone.
    Here in the U.S., we the children are more educated and we have tried to educate our parents on bipolar disorder: their eldest daughter (my older sister) was diagnosed about 4 years ago.
    She has been hospitalized about 3 times, today being the 3rd incident. We are still fairly new to this disorder, we dont know what to do, how to do it, how often to check in, are we allowed to raise the subject with her, should we be babying her, etc.
    We need help, my family needs counseling. I dont want my sister to suffer because her family didnt step in to help alleviate the stress of a disorder that sleeps in all of our blood. We are in Orange County.

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